Manage each stage of your company’s progress with the right type of website or web app developed for your company or startup. At Eoan Technologies, We build intuitive software products to automate business operations and convert your target audience.

Custom Web Development Services

If you need your site to be dynamic, scalable, and user-friendly, then it may be a custom-built website instead of a generic piece of software. Custom web development involves designing your entire website from scratch and utilizing appropriate front-end and back-end technology to develop your website into a fully customized solution that perfectly meets your business requirements.

At EOAN Technologies, you will have a wide range of custom web development solutions available, which will meet your business objective and place you on top in the online competition. We provide web development and logistics know-how to the clients which not only saves clients time but also makes their business grow by leaps and bounds. Our qualified team of web developers is aware of the latest web technologies which are being excessively used in making the business operations run in a synchronized manner. We build websites for retail management, real estate, wholesale, hotel, electronics, aviation, etc.

Services we offered:

  • Provide a Comprehensive interface to sell the products or services online
  • Help in Organizing and managing complex web information
  • Improve the Current Website or Web Applications
  • Help in Building Custom Tools or Reports for a better understanding of data

Our WEBSITE DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT COMPANY Offer Full-Scale Web Application Services To Match The Needs Of Any Enterprise.

We have decades of expertise in developing websites & providing services for various industries. Whether you are running a small business or an industry giant, make sure your website is aptly customized in accordance with your requirements.


Our tech experts removes the headache of making technical decisions about your business’s various IT services. When unsure or unaware of the options available, we will work with you to create a comprehensive IT infrastructure, choice of internet framework, and other feature specifications for your web application. Using our expertise in supporting building customer-focused and business-centered solutions in addition to building business analysis strategies, you get a partner that is one step into the technology you want.


Our software engineers design applications and web solutions by streamlining complicated business logic to achieve user-friendly web interfaces that are ready to use across all browsers, devices, and operating systems. By trying out clickable prototypes, you can expose the design of the site and its function to the user and focus efforts on creating utility before development phase. We ensure that your website’s user interface matches user behavioral patterns and resolves your business’ compatibility concerns.


Adding third-party services to your website enables us to take care of your business issue by providing a unique solution. This helps us get the most out of the time we have and reduce the cost of the method we already have, forgoing the need to reinvent the wheel, incorporate promotional, booking, or geolocation APIs into your website. Before integrating the services into your solution, we assess their performance and scalability.


Our development teams construct a disciplined fault-detection plan and provide instant updates. As a result, your site functions correctly and prevents software malfunctions and security issues. In the event your website requirements necessitate improvements, we offer custom web development and design services to stay up to market demands over the years of your software tool’s operation. Keep your software product SEO-friendly and secure over time.


EOAN Technologies provides high-end and custom web development services that are cost-effective and offer business benefits. We are eagerly waiting to hear your requirements pertaining to custom web development, which will help us to develop the future strategy.

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