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Director & Founder

The Iron Man who has made this triumphant organization feasible. He is very determined person with never quit approach and ready to do anything for his valuable personnel’s.

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Marketing Head

The “king of Marketing” – who can bring clients from any part of the world. He is a Fun loving person and having craze for racing both cars and bikes. There is no limit for his craze, believe me.

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Kanika Trehan

HR Head

“Lady with lion heart”, she is the personnel specialist. By pragmatic analysis monitors the complete performance of the company.

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Sachin Dhir

Campaign Manager

This is the man who can make you believe anything. Our hypnotizer always loves to do things what others like. His real dream is to become a rock star with the whole world acknowledging.

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Preeti Ahuja

Web Development Head

The “Wit of the organization”, having knowledge beyond anyone else, she gives any information from anywhere. You won’t believe until you speak with her by yourself.

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Ruchi Arora

Content Writer

She is the person who likes to fight with words, no buddy really have a chance against her. There is no limit for her saying and has a very good attitude towards other persons.

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Satish Narayan

Project Manager

Known as the “Master Mind”, never laid a single project. This is the man who does some magic and makes everything work within the time. He loves to watch horror movies all time and crazy about apple products, so we call him apple fan boy.

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Rakesh Singh

Web Designer

This is the guy who can design your dream. Always humoring and turning office into more than just a work place. He loves to make good relationship with others and watches TV more.

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Niti Chawla

Content Writer

She who does things that others don’t. Cool girl, spends all the time by playing with words. Never came and gone at right time, loves sleeping and watching movie whole time.

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Pupun Pradhan

SEO Team Lead

Pupun is totally opposite to the other lead, always amusing and make the complex work easier in such a way with the same task. He is very talented and efficient in bringing the coordination of the team.

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Dheeraj Kumar

SEO Executive

Dheeraj is totally teetotaler and very youngest in the company. He is very playful all time and excited in doing all type works. His objective is to become the top designer throughout the Globe.

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She loves to play with money. Seema is a wonderful lady with a good prospect towards to others.

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Sonal Kumar

Jr. Web Developer

Sonal is our new team mate, who is very active in doing works. By her way of converse she is having a good relationship with others in the office.